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About Annie


Photography is my Passion! Thank you for letting me share my work with you!

I am a lover of all arts, but photography gives me the most joy. I am always on the lookout for unique lighting, beautiful compositions and interesting perspectives.

I began with traditional black and white film photography, developing and printing my own work in a darkroom. Although I once swore I would never give in to technology, I was won over by my first Digital SLR. Since then, Lightroom and Photoshop have become integral parts of the process in allowing an infinite number of possibilities with each shot. 


As my work reflects, I am attracted to bright colors, bold architectural lines and unique angles. I find my inspiration as much in travel, nature, art and pretty much anything in between. From the Modernista trend of Spanish architecture to the intense colors of Hawaiian vegetation to precious poses I can catch of my puppy, my favorite images are represented here. Thank you for stopping by! 

If you see a style you like, and you're in need of photography, I'd love to work together! I am based in Austin, TX and I specialize in photographing Artist & their work as well as children. I also have experience with Pets, Scenery, Food and Events. Let's connect if you'd like to chat about your interest and how I can help!

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