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Stephanie Frogge - Austin Artboards Honorable Mention

The majority of the work I do for artists involves photographing their art for promotion and show entires, but when this unique opportunity came along, I was excited to help. Stephanie Frogge of Garden Charms is known for her ceramic plant labels, but she also uses a variety of other media to express her creativity. In this case, she was working with found objects, a bunch of beautiful blue ceramic bowls and dishes. She likes to create “dishy blooms” as she calls them, and decided to arrange the collection artistically for a photo to be able to enter an otherwise 2D art competition. In Austin, once a year, a billboard company opens up for entries to place art on unused billboards around the city. Stephanie and I collaborated to enter this piece, and I’m proud to say that she got an honorable mention out of hundreds of entrants and only 10 or so winners. She even got to take home a mini billboard of her work.

​"Under less than ideal conditions Annie photographed my work for a visual competition resulting in an Honorable Mention. She's not only a consummate professional, but flexible, creative, and generous. Can't wait for our next collaboration!"

- Stephanie Frogge of Garden Charms

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