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Imaging USA 2017

Who doesn’t love the chance to be surrounded by like minded people also obsessed with your favorite hobby? I didn’t really get into conferences early in my career, but after my first visit to ImagingUSA, I was sold. This annual event is organized by Professional Photographers of America, a trade group that educates, connects and advocates for photographers. I got the chance to volunteer at the event and have an immersive experience seeing both in front and behind the scenes. While I’m sure I would have equally enjoyed simply being an attendee, I really liked having a role to play as I was still figuring out my place in the industry. I was pursuing a career change in my late 20’s and relished the opportunity to observe professional photographers as they met others, learned from industry leaders and checked out new tech. Plus, it was fun to be a part of the volunteer group of photography students from all around the country. The 2018 event was hosted in San Antonio, a town not far from home that i was expected to explore on my own in between shifts. Below are my favorite shots from the event, some at the convention center and others around the beautiful city. 



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