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Imaging USA 2018

After a wonderful experience at last year’s event, I jumped at the chance to attend the PPAs annual conference again, this time in Nashville, TN. It was a longer trip and quite a change in weather (see the snow storm captured below), but with a year of working as a photographer under my belt, I was ready to dig in deeper. We stayed at the beautiful Opryland Resort & Convention Center, and what a venue! It was like being in a self-contained town with no need to go out into the snow of that’s not your cup of tea. The complex had open air spaces with a glass roof and even some water features resembling river deltas. As you can tell, I was still prone to exploring in between volunteer shifts when I wasn’t attending one of the insightful lectures or checking out the trade show. Fellow volunteer friends had returned and we got to work together, catching up on what we’d accomplished over the course of the year. All in all, I highly recommend this event to photographers who enjoy geeking out about their craft! 

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