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Mother Knows Best

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my mom! She’s a sweet, nurturing, smart and creative woman who raised four wild and crazy kids. I guess that’s how she learned to go with the flow and really delivered during this photoshoot when I asked her to make various poses. Her “Don’t you dare” face at the top seems well practiced even though I don’t remember getting in trouble that often. It was probably my brothers... She volunteered many of the other winning set ups here, playing to the camera. She has lots of practice with my photographer father. The bright and bold colors of the background and her clothes serve to further highlight her fun, colorful personality. While she leans to the introverted side some of the time, she’s still very outgoing and can talk to anyone. I think I learned that from her! I only wish I can be this awesome when I’m a mom.



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